How have scientists confirmed Teal´s extrasensory abilities...

22/09/2014 20:39
When Teal was in Prague in April, she was given a small present by Jirka from Harrachov (see the “Vibrational avalanche in Harrachov“ article), a “device“ called Somatex. Because we also have Somatex at home, we were interested in her opinion on the effects of this high vibrational energy...
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One day, each one of us will come to the cognition that what we often think of, what´s on our mind 

subsequently appears in our lives. It doesn´t matter whether it is pleasant or unpleasant...simply, our 

recurring images will sooner or later appear in the physical form. No matter whether we believe it or 

not, that´s the way it works. You can just start observing your thoughts and watch the sequence of 

events in your life...

Apart from things we want, we also unconsciously attract things we don´t want. If I´m affraid of an 

illness and often think about it, I can be sure that it will appear one day. Therefore it is good 

not to think about what we don´t want but think about what we do want. So it is.

This is the basic principal of creating reality which should be tought at schools. The more people 

realise this and change their way of thinking, the sooner the whole world will start to change for the 

better. And that´s the endeavour of Teal Scott as well as of other spiritual teachers. Nowadays, 

many people look for these basic truths and they are open to new information. On the other hand, 

the majority of people stay in ignorance and they think there is somebody else to blame for everything 

unpleasant that happens to them. They have a feeling of being hurt, of life being cruel and unfair... 

they don´t realize that they have created and attracted all of it. But in fact, it´ll be enough just to 

understand this simple truth...

The vibrational paintings are a tool which also helps people to be open to new and true information. 

These paintings are lifebelts thrown to people who are falling deeper and deeper into depression 

and hopelessness under the weight of unnecessary suffering.


We have founded this website for one reason, to extend the campaign „ Paintings uplifting consciousness on billboards“ of Teal Eye company, LLC to Europe.

This company was founded by Teal Scott, who is one of  the best known  spiritual teachers  nowadays, in 2012. Teal Eye, LLC is completely nonprofit  organization and its aim is to support  thoughts  and ideas  focused on positive changes in the world.

A part of its activities is  a campaign of placement billboards with paintings, that uplift  consciousness, throughout the USA.  The billboards and other  types  of  advertising areas are going to be placed along the main roads and other frequent places,  so a lot of people can see them.

How do these paintings work?

The principle of their functioning  could be briefly described by words: „ the subliminal information.“ The entire advertising  industry is based on this principle. The content of advertisement is quiet inserting  into our subconscious and our mind is controlled and manipulated  by  the makers  of advertisements , so  that they get us exatly where they want.   The aim of  the most  advertisements  is to drag us deeply into consumer  lifestyle, to make us being  dependent on  some products of individual company and  keep us in this system , from which they benefit.

But what if this principle can be used for our real benefit?? And this  is exactly   the meaning of  Teal paintings.

You may have heard that the physical world is made of energy. You ma have heard that thoughts create our reality.  Teal Scott says, that before the thoughts become things or are manifested in our physical lives, they create vibrations. These vibrations are barely perceptible for the most of us but Teal can see them, creates  a copy and makes beautiful  paintings from them.  In other words, the frequency  paintings are visual representations of the pre-manifested ideas, concepts, emotions and things. These frequences are often colourful, geometric patterns.  Whether  they display the frequency  of any thoughts, this  frequency is radiated into the space around them.  When people see them, they harmonize with their frequency.  The harmonization with this frequency  causes the manifestation of  this topic in reality.

Try to imagine it is  5.30 p.m, you are  tired after a hard day at work, that you hate. You  get stuck in a traffic jam, breathing  exhaust  fumes and  feel ing  frustrated. All  you want  is to get home. Then you look up.  A huge, colorful billboard attracts your attention.  You are looking at it for a while and suddenly you start feeling better.  You  are  feeling  joy  of  life.  Your circumstances have not changed, you are still  in a traffic jam, but instead  of  feeling  frustrated, you suddenly  feel  the  love of being.  You are connecting with the vibration of joy.  You look around and you see  faces in cars around you. They  are smiling. You  start to realize that  they  feel  it too. From this  moment , your life begins to change – for  the better.

Campaign funding

Because  the rental of advertising space is  financially very  demanding  matter, this  campaign, as well as in the USA, will be funded by contributions from all of us  who wish  for  positive changes in our lives.

That is why we have  opened  a transparent account, on wich we will  contribute  together  and  the project will be funded from those money. All  movements in the account can be publicly monitored.

The more  money  we accumulate, the more advertising  areas  will be  possible to rent  and  expand the  area  of  the effect  of  frequency paintings.

The  first  frequency  paintings  that will be available  to see  from  November 1, 2013 in the Czech Republic , will be  posters in Prague - in several  carriages of  subway , line C and on a billboard on Prague ring road in Slivenec  towards  the airport at  a turning Ořech. We have sent  a contribution for  these  first "swallows"  . We will continue supporting  this project  financially   and we  hope  that a lot of people will join us.

Account number (from Czech Republic)        2600480457/2010

Account number (from abroad)                2600480457/8330,                                                                                                                              IBAN: 1120100000002600480457,

                                                                       SWIFT/BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX

Transparent account:


You can also help by other ways.

By spreading information about this campaign among as many people as possible.

If you have a suitable area, which could be used  for those purposes  or  you know about some areas like this, please contact us.

Everyone can contribute, even with just a small amount.  For example, when  13  people  give 100CZK, we  can rent  one  frame, of size 49x49cm  in  carriage in subway  for a whole  month.   Thousands  of people will come into  a contact with the energy of this painting for a mere 100CZK. Or for  1800 CZK  we can have  a rental   for a  set   of four posters, of  size 70x100cm!!

Let´s  not be afraid of donating  a little money  occasionally . Money is currency in circulation and space law is clear: what you give, that  returns multiply to you ... we  have been following this rule  for a long time, 20 CZK to a postman, 30 CZK  to a waiter there ... and it really works :-)))

Downloading of Teal´s paintings

It  is quite common that for downloading and copying  paintings  we have to pay to  the authors. Teal has made ​​an exception and allows you to download her paintings  to spread this campaign, completely free! So if someone  downloads  and copies  her paintings  that  he or she wants  to promote, there is no need to deal with the issue of payment. If people  download  these paintings for  their own use, it is appropriate to contribute financially. We suggest, if anyone downloads any of the  paintings  for themselves,  they  should send an appropriate contribution to our transparent account with note "SEMINAR" and then  we  forward the money  to  Teal,  to pay for  travels abroad and seminars.